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Kevin specifically asked for a payment processor for ADULT products, which Shopify Payments won't process.

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The fact is most people are not solving any problems or getting any peace by leaving the marriage. Regardless of which person you are with, your spouse or someone new, the same work on your SELF is necessary.

In fact, you are probably creating many more problems. If you remain the same, you will have the same type of relationship again.

Terrorizing by inducing intense fear in someone; intimidating and coercing; or threatening physical harm to a person or a person's loved ones, pets or possessions.

Stalking, threatening to leave and forcing someone to watch violence toward a family member are all types of terrorizing.

(See Map of Mesopotamia) Unfortunately this accolade ignores the contributions of the Chinese people and the Harappans of the Indus Valley, (Modern day Pakistan) who were equally "civilised" during this period practicing metallurgy (copper, bronze, lead, and tin) and urban planning, with civic buildings, baked brick houses, and water supply and drainage systems. Called Cuneiform Writing from the Latin "cuneus", meaning "wedge", it was developed as a vehicle for commercial accounting transactions and record keeping.

From bullying and manipulative mind games to sexual harassment and elder care neglect, emotional and verbal abuse is rampant in our society.

Widely recognized signs of emotional abuse include: Rejecting or denying a person's value or presence and communicating devaluing thoughts and feelings to another person.

The classic guide by and for those recovering from sexual addiction examines each of the Twelve Steps of recovery.

Guides and supports the life-transforming move from self-defeating and destructive sexual behavior to healthy, affirming sexuality.