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And 38% of Americans who are single and actively looking for a partner have used online dating at one point or another.

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JEFFRIES It has been nineteen years singe President John F. Do the min- utemen control the editorial content of these organizations?

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CONTINUING INQUIRY Experience shows that to be confronted with the distortions, inconsistencies, and obvious treachery of the official investig- ation is to awaken, rudely and permanently* Knowing, as we do, of the extent of dishonesty in the inv stigation, of the scores of dead witnesses, is it not reasonable- to examine the feasabil- ity of extremist groups pulling off such a heinous crime. Jack Anderson as more important things to investigate than the official findings about the assassination of his president, ''liberal*' columnists such as Carl T. Kilpatrick, and Hugh Sidey on this particular issue.

then left untouched by an investigative body headed by the Chief justice ; 'arl -Varren, known to be very unsympathetic to all right- wing political philosophy 1 ? Iowan, Joseph Kraft, and Meg Greenfield, have no quarrel with their Conservative 1 " brethern such as George F. They all believe the government's version of events, but it should not surprise the observant that those with suppos- edly diametrically opposed political opinions should happen to agree on this very political issue.