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Or get into relationships that last, end, or get you in jail?
That’s why I encourage all guys to make sure they’re groomed and showing their best possible self. If I feel comfortable, chances are he does too and we’re ‘clicking’.

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After the group split up in 1970 he continued making music and diversified into film production but his post-Beatles career was the most low profile of the four.George Harrison’s life, however, was anything but quiet.

Harrison appeared on-stage at Microsoft's 1 June 2009, E3 press conference with Yoko Ono, Paul Mc Cartney, and Ringo Starr to promote The Beatles: Rock Band video game.

I hope she also keeps the property in Hana, Maui as well. Sorry I didn't really contribute all that much.

Olivia Harrison is not wearing her wedding ring today, which is unusual.

She believes in reincarnation, among other things, and all of it has proved a comfort during the dark times that followed Harrison's initial cancer diagnosis in 1997.

She was at his side when he had treatment in Switzerland, New York and, finally, Los Angeles, where he died in 2001.