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For claims received after September 4, 2014, including newly filed claims, VA may assign an effective date up to one year prior to the date of the claim if the claimant met all eligibility requirements on that date.

It predicts the sex of your baby based on your Chinese lunar age and the month you conceived.

In some instances, this could mean an effective date as early as the date of marriage or as early as when VA received the claim.

For the purpose of assigning an effective date for a compensation or pension claim that was not pending as of September 4, 2013, provided that the claimant met all of the eligibility requirements for the benefit by that date, and the claim was received within the following year, VA generally will assign an effective date of September 4, 2013.

In 1962 Illinois adopted the recommendations of the Model Penal Code and thus became the first state to remove criminal penalties for consensual sodomy from its criminal code, almost a decade before any other state.

Many people who are overweight never develop diabetes.He proposed that people's weight could be classified relative to an ideal weight for their height.To this day, Body Mass Index is also referred to as the Quetelet index.However, obesity has been statistically proven to increase type 2 diabetes risk and sleep disordered breathing.The calculation for BMI was invented by Adolphe Quetelet, a Belgian mathematician born in 1796.BMI (kg/m BMI can also be determined using a chart that depicts BMI as a function of mass and height.