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Whatever the situation, movie soundtracks offer essential cultural contributions to both movies and music, and we’ve rounded up the 50 best of all time. Labyrinth Trevor Jones and David Bowie combine for a soundtrack that was very much of its time—much like the film itself.Jim Henson and George Lucas’ fantasy musical was made for Bowie.

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Buyers for Asian-friendly genre products should clamber to board “Train.” Despite the vibrancy of genre cinema in Korea, you can count the country’s zombie films on the fingers of one hand.And Bowie contributions like “Magic Dance” and “Underground” could only live in the world they all helped create.Runaway and fought and speed dating approach that money and tossing them aside.The melodies and lyrics conjure visual memories from those other stories.Sometimes, though, a soundtrack stands on its own, independent of the film that united those individual tracks.Microsessions, a new live music format born in Austin, TX, the Live Music Capital of the World, debuts in New York on Saturday, July 29, at Spaceworks NYC in Long Island City, Queens.