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Updating dataset with gridview

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Find another way to store/retrieve/cache the dataset, or the specific values you need from it.

When you first retrieve a dataset and assign it to a Grid, you will be able to access it for the remainder of the page request.

This workflow is especially frustrating if the user is updating a single field in the Grid View (for example, a checkbox that supports a "Delete all selected rows" button).

Editing Data in the Item Template The first step in the solution was to convert the column that would contain the Radio Button List into a Template column.

All the developer wanted to do was give the user the ability to work down one column in the Grid View that contained a Radio Button List, checking off a choice in each row.

As an example, I recently had a question from a developer who was creating a survey.

In this article, I am going to explain how to manipulate data using Grid View control.

(As far as we're concerned, anyway) On the next post back, the grid will reload it's values from the form, (and some properties from view state), but not the whole dataset, since that was never stored in the form/view state.

All the above steps happen in the Page_Load() method.

After creating the dataset, we can bind the Grid View with a dataset.

User continues navigating page, but after first load, no more DB connection is made, grid is filled from Data Table Session object. Sometime, user sets Grid View to edit mode and makes some changes. Your best bet is probably to manually update the table stored in Session state in Row Updating or Row Command event.

I somehow imagine that there must be a way to reflect user's change on Gridview to Data Table Session object (NOT to actual DB) So when user continues navigating page, he will see updated data (since Data Table is Session-wide) however the actual DB is not updated. the one set by by Data Source ID instead of Data Source).